Reading Notes, Sita Sings the Blues Part A

Bibliography: Nina Paley, Sita Sings the Blues, rises from the sea, Shiva in a ring of fire while Brahma, Lakshmi and Vishnu rest on Shesha. -Surya (Sun God), Chandra (Moon God), Bhumi (Earth Goddess)-Dave, Nina's bf, got a job in India. (San Fran)-King Dasharatha has 4 sons and 3 wives. Sita is Rama's wife.-Nina says bye to her bf (San Fran)-Ravana steals Sita. Some say Ravana is a good king, but others don't agree. Ravana was the king of Sri Lanka, and an land bridge connecting India to the island.-Surpanakha is Ravana's sister. Angry at Rama, Surpanakha tells Ravana about Sita. Maricha tells Ravana to leave Sita alone but Ravana commands Maricha to become a golden deer to distract Rama so he can grab Sita. -Sita sings about her love for Rama but Ravana abducts Sita. Sita drops jewelry for a sign and Rama seeks her in the forest-Vishnu incarnates as Hanuman. Rama and Hanum…

Extra Credit Reading Notes, Ramayana Part D

Bibliography: R.K . Narayan, Ramayana,
-Hanuman grows big to cross the ocean of Lanka, but then shrinks. Sita is found in the Ashoka Vana where she is being guarded by demons. She wants to die because she feels so lost. Hanuman grows bigger and kills Ashoka Vana.
-Indrajit captures Hanuman and takes him to Ravana. Vibhishana, Ravana's brother, tries to persuade Ravana not to kill Hanuman. Hanuman's tail is lit on fire and burns Lanaka, but Maya rebuilds the city.
-Vibhishana has to remind Ravana that he was cursed by Nandi to be destroyed by a monkey.
-Rama orders the sea god to help his armies cross the water to Lanka, threatening to evaporate all the water in the sea. The sea agrees to let Rama build a bridge, which he does with the help of men, monkeys and all kinds of animals, including a squirrel.
-Kumbakarna swallows lots of monkeys, then Rama kills him. Indrajit creats a phantom version o…

Topic Research, Epics of India Food

For my Topic I decided to do food. I think there is so much potential with food and there is so much I could talk about. first story I will choose to do is "Kubera and Ganesha", I believe this will be a good story for me because it talks about how much Ganesha eats and how much food he loves. believe that this article/story about Ganesha would help me because it informs me about his favorite sweets and talks about a holiday/festival I could talk about. this, it talks about Ganpati and his love for desserts but also includes festivals that I can talk about in my storybook. I think it will be a great informative story that I could use to talk about.
All of these stories/articles are going to be very helpful…

The Talking Turtle and The Kings Boys

Once upon a time, there was a king who had a lake for his boys to play in. He told the boys that he had gotten fishes in there for them to see and mess around with. While the boys we're at the lake, they saw something very suspicious and out of the ordinary. The suspicious animal was a Turtle, but they had never seen one before. The boys run back to the King and the men inside and yell that there is something in the water, they referred it to as a demon and that the demon was out to get them. The King forced men to go out to the lake to catch this, out of ordinary, species. When the men brought the Turtle back, the King wanted these men to kill it because only fish were supposed to be in the water. As they went around the room and talked about killing the animal, the Turtle pokes it's head out and says, "what have I done to you humans for you guys to want to do something to hurt me and hurt my life? The lake is my safe spot and I would never do anything to hurt you guys,…

Reading Notes, Ramayana, Part C

Bibliography: R.K . Narayan, Ramayana,
-Rama calls for help and Sita makes Lakshman to help him(Rama). Ravana disguises as an old hermit and Sita captures but then he reveals his true identity. Ravana picks up the ground Sita is on and flies with her.-Jatayu fights for Sita, but Ravana kills him. Rama and Lakshmana find him dying, but doesn't know which one Ravana went.-Rama and Lakshmana go to the kingdom of Kishkinda and run into Hanuman, who is a monkey, but disguises as a scholar. -Vali was mad at Sugriva and beats him. Vali takes Sugriva's wife.-Rama feels sorry for Sugriva, who has lost his wife and is in exile. Hanuman thinks Rama could help them to defeat Vali. Hanuman recognizes that Rama is Vishnu incarnate. The reason Vali could not come to Mount Matanga is because he has been cursed by the sage Matanga. This happened when Vali fought the demon Dundubhi who had taken the shape of …

Topic Brainstorm

RamaRama is a possible topic that I think I might want to research more about for my project. I know what reincarnation is but I would like to learn more and possibly write a story about it and come up with my own ideas. I know it is very big in some countries and religions but learning more about it would be very interesting to me. One project idea I have is writing about Rama and the things he went through as a person, I'm not exactly sure how I would do it yet, but it is something that catches my eye since I am already reading Ramayana. past storybook really catches my eye and is something I would enjoy doing about "Rama, the greatest football player ever."
FoodFood is an idea I have for my project. I really enjoy food and I feel as if most people do as well especially food that I have never had or heard of in my life. Learning about new foods would be really interesting to me because I don't know anything ab…

Extra Credit Reading Notes, Ramayana Part B

Bibliography: R.K . Narayan, Ramayana, the people are so mad and upset about Rama going into exile. Lakshmana, Rama's brother, wants him to be calm.-One of Rama's brother, Bharata, is gone during Rama's exile at his grandfathers in Ayodhya. People go to Ayodhya to get the return of Bharata without letting him know the reason. Kaikeyi, Bharata's mom, wants to make him king but then rules as regent in Nandigram and refuses to go to Ayodhya again without Rama's return.-Rama meets a women named Kamavalli in the forest, but her real name is Shurpanaka, the sister of Ravana. She tells Rama she is in love with him and wants to marry him. Lakshmana captures her and cuts off her nose, ears, and breasts. -Most of the gods have been made into servants in Ravana's court, which is in Lanka. Vayu, the god of wind is in charge of sweeping. Agni, god of fire, has to light the lamps. Rav…